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The Comfort of Step-in Slippers

Have you experienced having foot pain because of the ill-fitting shoes that you are wearing? You are not alone, as this is quite a common occurrence among people. This is a great inconvenience, especially when you are regularly walking during work or school. With this in mind, you have to find the right kind of footwear that would keep your feet protected and comfortable throughout the day – and one of the best choices is a nice pair of step-in slippers.

Unlike shoes which are heavy on the feet and slippers that are too casual to wear to work and school, step-in slippers are fit for a good number of events and occasions (like holidays and out of town trips). This is because it gives you a great balance between style and comfort all the way. These types of slippers are great for children, the elderly, athletes, and for the working population. Here are some reasons why wearing step-in slippers is the best option as you go through your busy days.


Ample foot protection

Ample foot protection

The main reason why people wear shoes has always been to keep their feet protected from various elements while running or walking. Ever since the creation of the first types of footwear, people have always been trying to improve them, and after so many years, there is still a lot of room for improvement as new shapes and materials are being developed. Despite the significant distance of various cultures across different continents, it is a priority for all of them to create their own version of footwear.

Some cultures see footwear as sacred and symbolic, along with the feet. These are seen as objects of veneration and admiration. Footwear is not only used for everyday activities, but some are also designed for religious and ceremonial activities. As such, they are seen as valuable cultural items that are held in high respects.

The emphasis of footwear was always to keep your feet covered, which is why shoes and boots were the most common types of footwear, especially in areas with colder climates. For tropical areas, it is a common sight to see people wear sandals and slippers since wearing heavy footwear would not only make their feet feel hot, hence, will also make it harder to move around due to the added bulk that can be greatly uncomfortable.

Unlike shoes and boots, slippers allow you to have enough mobility and lightness to move around while keeping your feet comfortable. With step-in slippers, you are ensured that you have well-protected feet – which means that injuries and pain on parts of your feet like the ankles and soles (which are at most risk of pain and injury), would less likely happen.



Easy to wear

Easy to wear

Like all forms of slippers, step-in slippers were made to be comfortable and easy to wear – with you no longer having to deal with cumbersome laces and straps to keep them in place. All you have to do is to simply slip them in, and they are ready! That makes it perfect for people who are on the go that lives a busy lifestyle or people who just want to give their feet a deserved break.

If you want to get a bit comfier, you can even add some socks. If you are looking for footwear that is easy to wear, then step-in slippers are the best choice for you.



Lots of styles to choose from

Lots of styles to choose from

One of the biggest advantages of using step-in slippers is that there are many different styles available in the market nowadays. These different styles allow you to mix and match your different outfits which can give you some wonderful stand-out looks. Some step-in slippers have simple designs like plain matte colors and no prints while some have bright and flashy colors with a good amount of decoration and unique designs. With a wide selection of options, you can pick slippers for both formal and casual events.

Some designs fit certain themes as well which can be fun during work events and parties. Feeling the Christmas cheer? You can get green and red step-ins to complete that look. Going to a formal event? Get a dark colored one that would match with your dress or suit. Whatever the theme or style may be, you are sure that there will be a slipper that can match your every outfit!



Perfect footwear for the elderly

Perfect footwear for the elderly

As you get older, your body will experience a decline in health and fitness that may greatly hinder you to be able to do certain activities that you can do in the past. This also means that some forms of footwear like shoes and boots would now be too heavy and uncomfortable to wear during a casual stroll in the mall or in a park. There are even cases in which wearing heavy kinds of footwear may cause feet injuries or ailments. For the elderly experiencing muscle and bone ailments, this can mean big trouble.

Thankfully, step-in slippers are there to save the day! Being light and easy to wear, these slippers are the perfect pair to wear for the elderly population. If you have an elderly relative or a friend that seems to be having trouble walking around in shoes, you can suggest that they wear step-in slippers that are far more comfortable than shoes.



Good for children as well

Good for children as well

Other than being a solid footwear option for the elderly, step-in slippers are also a great fit for children. Since children’s feet are still growing, it is best to provide them with some comfortable footwear. Slippers provide children with a kind of footwear that is easy to wear and comfortable at home and at school (should the school allow it). Children would even like the many styles and colors as well which would definitely keep them interested in wearing them more.

As a parent, it is important to keep your children healthy and fit at an early age. For this reason, encouraging them to wear and use slippers more often will greatly aid in keeping their feet and legs healthy. Additionally, this will greatly help them to be free from any possible muscle and bone pain while doing various activities that they enjoy every day.



Keep your feet healthy

Keep your feet healthy

Did you know that wearing slippers bring about certain health benefits? Wearing footwear protects your feet from any outside elements that might harm them. These include bacteria and fungi that can cause infections and foreign objects like debris which can cause wounds and cuts to your foot that would take a while to cure.

There is also a study that wearing slippers help decrease the risk of catching illnesses like flu and colds, which can really be a big inconvenience as it can cause you to leave work for a while. By wearing these comfortable step-in slippers, it will greatly help protect your feet from these elements. As a result, it will help you to save money on foot medications. Another study shows that wearing slippers can help you become more productive – simply because your feet are relaxed.

For athletes, they would need some footwear that can help their feet rest after a game or an intense training session. Imagine doing hours’ worth of exercise during the afternoon, and all you want is just some rest and some rehydration, which means removing those tight and secure rubber shoes you’ve been wearing during most of the day.

Since shoes would be too tight and bulky to help relieve your feet, it is best to get a good pair of step-in slippers. These slippers would help your feet breathe and help your muscles relax and recover, barring any possible injuries and inconveniences that might happen.

One of the worst problems that you would be encountering during the day is experiencing pain on your foot while walking, or worse, getting it injured. These scenarios could happen simply because you chose the wrong kind of footwear. Walking using slippers are so comfortable that it would not strain your muscles while walking long distances.



Fit for any occasion

Fit for any occasion

Due to the many styles available, you can wear step-in slippers at any event or occasion and you are guaranteed that you will remain stylish enough during the rest of the day (or night). Whether it be casual gatherings with your friends and family on a weekend or a fancy dinner out, there will always be a step-in slipper that would match. If you are struggling to find that footwear for an event, and shoes and boots just won’t cut it, you better look for a step-in to save the day.

Step-in slippers are not only comfortable and healthy for your feet, hence, they are stylish as well. It is a versatile type of footwear that has styles that fit any occasion – making sure that it would not be awkward while keeping your feet at ease during the whole day. If you have reservations when it comes to wearing certain kinds of footwear like slippers, now is a great time to give it a try. When looking for the best available slippers in the Philippine market, it is best to look for a high-quality and reliable brand. For the best step-in slippers available in the market, choose Minal Footwear.


What is Minal Footwear?

Minal Footwear is an Indian manufacturing company which produces quality footwear. With the company’s success, the company aims to provide stylish and first-rate slippers from India to the Philippines. With the footwear market of the Philippines providing a wide variety of options for its customers, Minal aims to be the best option available.

Slippers from Minal are made out of polyurethane, which is a light and durable material. This ensures that the slippers are non-slip, and remain, classy, fashionable, and trendy. Minal aims to provide its customers with the most stylish, affordable, and durable footwear that is worth your money.


Why Choose Minal Footwear?

Footwear from Minal is of the highest quality. Rest assured that you will only get a product that is fashionable and durable at the same time. Additionally, buying Minal products also means that you are contributing to various charities connected to the company. This only means that all your purchases will be going to meaningful causes.


What are the products that Minal offers?

Minal offers a wide selection of footwear with diverse styles and designs. The different styles available are under three distinct categories, namely Aeroblu, Aerowalk, and Inblu. To look at the complete catalogue of products available, you can check this page. If you are opting in buying wholesale, you can go to this page. Keep in mind that buying a single product and in bulk would not affect the quality of the product that you are going to purchase – since the company ensures that all individual products are of high-quality.


How can I be a distributor of Minal Footwear?

By becoming a distributor of Minal Footwear, you are ensured that you are providing Filipinos with quality footwear and that you are promoting a product that is successful and trusted. Moreover, Minal also provides you with business opportunities by becoming a product seller. For inquiries about distributing Minal products or setting up your own store, you can check this page for further inquiries.


How can I know that I am purchasing a quality product?

Minal Footwear uses quality materials and ensures that these products pass the company’s standards in order to ensure that the customers are truly happy with their purchase. If you are curious as to what customers are saying about Minal products, you can visit the testimonials page here and see what they have to say about their footwear.


Minal Charity

Other than providing the country with quality footwear, Minal is also donating a portion of its earnings to a selected number of charities as a way of giving back to the community. One of the goals of Minal Footwear is to be a company known for its Integrity, which is why charity is one of the company’s duties. To learn more about the charity efforts of Minal, visit this page.

If you have any further questions and inquiries regarding Minal Footwear, you can look into our FAQS page or contact us through email or mobile. (Contact details are on this page.)