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All You Need to Know about Slippers for Women

Footwear has remained a staple form of clothing through the passage of time. In fact, without it, the shoes we’ve all come to know, buy, wear, and love would cease to exist; both from our wardrobes and from our own feet. Speaking of footwear, slippers – especially for women – have stood out as one of the most timeless pieces of footwear you can have.

With that said, what you’re about to read will surely give tribute to everyone’s favorite strapped piece of footwear: the slippers. But before we continue, here’s a brief overview about slippers:


The Early Days of Footwear

Since the dawn of civilization, people have always found ways to protect their bodies from the scourge of the environment. Over the years, people found out that clothing and footwear proved to be the best form of protection. Different materials were used to create them, showcasing our ancestors’ ingenuity.

Ever since then, clothing and footwear have become a requirement for comfortable living. As time goes by, people found a way to integrate them into the very way they live their lives. Although many things have changed – particularly in the world of fashion – the concept of safety and comfort has more or less stayed the same, when it comes to footwear.

Some cultures in the world are known for the special regard for footwear; these would include the countries of India, China, and Japan. These places have varying environment and climate; and they play a major role in determining the final design of their footwear. It goes to show that human ingenuity has allowed our ancestors to infuse a sense of creativity and originality in the way they choose to present them.

In the end, it wasn’t about its function, but rather its form.


The Enduring Fashion Trend of Slippers Throughout Time

The Enduring Fashion Trend of Slippers Throughout Time

Slippers for both women and men have endured the passage of time and have remained standing as one of the world’s most stylish, convenient, and comfortable forms of footwear. In fact, the whole concept of footwear dates way back to ancient times, further showcasing the rich history of this clothing article. Later on, slippers would prove to be very popular with the public; hence, the reason why it is one of the most recognizable industries today.

In its earliest beginnings, slippers were made with plant materials. However, when the Copper Age (CA. 5,000 BCE) came, people started to create this footwear from animal leather. This practice has only gone forward ever since.

Over the years, many trends have come and gone (e.g. pointed shoes, strapped slippers, high wooden heels, and even cloth-topped shoes). However, the use and design of slippers have steadfastly remained the same.

Despite today’s variants being made from an assortment of materials other than the traditional leather of old, its purpose endured the test of time. Admittedly, it can be argued that today’s variants do a better job of taking care of the users’ feet. This is thanks to recent advancements in technology; they have allowed shoemakers to fine-tune their products for maximum comfort without sacrificing style. This is especially true for women’s slippers, which often command a strong mix of both.

In addition, features that were once unavailable to the humble slippers are now readily offered. For example, depressed areas in the foot bed, raised heels, more complex wear patterns, improved artistic designs, and a wide range of arrangements can be seen on different varieties of slippers (such as flipflops and other kinds) today.



The History Behind Slippers for Women

The History Behind Slippers for Women

There have been numerous accounts pertaining to the history of the slipper, even before it was established that slippers are a woman’s personal fashion statement. For instance, it was reported that the slipper originated from the east, but also mentioned that the earliest recorded slipper was as early as the 12th century.

If one were to talk about the most common branch of history of slippers, then Japanese history would be the proposed discussion. As early as the Meiji period, the customs on clothing have been practiced by the Japanese at that time and era. Eventually, their customs influenced the rest of Asia, prompting a huge following for the slippers.



The Background of Slippers in the Philippines

The Background of Slippers in the Philippines

If ever you find the time to observe your own household, try and count how many pairs of slippers you will find, particularly those for women. If you notice, there will be hardly a time wherein you will fail to see at least one single pair inside a Filipino home. This is because it’s the custom here in the Philippines to wear slippers at home.

One of the things that make them an iconic form of footwear in the country is that it can be used for more than one purpose. Besides being worn by pretty much anyone and everyone, slippers prove to be flexible in other areas such as:

  • Insect Extermination

No matter where you are in the Philippines, there’s always the issue of pests and insects – particularly cockroaches – residing in households. Thankfully, Filipinos are prepared to combat them by simply whacking these little critters with the closest thing they could: their slippers! Just be sure to clean up the evidence, when you use your slippers, afterwards so that any kind of bacteria won’t spread around your home.


  • Sportswear/Gameplay

The Philippines is rich in many ways, including the abundance of childhood games for every youngling (and young-at-heart) to play to their hearts’ content. In fact, when you take the time to observe your neighborhood, slippers are a common sight on every child and every athlete. Whether the game is something as simple as taya-tayaan or as complex as basketball, you are bound sure to see these people sporting slippers.

When it comes to slippers as sportswear, they are one of the most flexible and enduring forms of footwear that can cater to any foot of any kind. Its elastic and rubbery texture can surely move with your feet at any pace you choose. These kinds of materials serve as a cushion of sort for all the jumps you are about to make, when playing a sport. You can be certain that your feet will remain protected from the ground.

Another popular game in the Philippines, which involves slippers is tumbang preso. If you aren’t sure how to play this, all you need to know is that you have to throw a slipper to knock down a can from a few meters away. By playing this game, you will find enjoyment and joy. After all, games have been fashioned to make you feel this way.


  • Discipline Instillment

Most of the time, slippers for women and men are being used simply for things such as comfort, protection, and fashion. However, as discussed above, this footwear can also be used for something else. For this point, slippers can also be used to instill discipline in children.

If you are a parent or a guardian, you would know that there are times when kids can be a handful. This even progresses further if you let them be, which is why some people result to disciplining them by using their slippers. This is a practical item for it can be a stern reminder without it becoming too harsh for your child.

If you’ve grown up in a Filipino household, chances are you’ve experienced the occasional palo, which is being done whenever you behaved out of line as a kid. You could say that slippers are weapons of discipline.



The Background of Slippers in Asia

The Background of Slippers in Asia

It’s true that Filipinos love wearing slippers; they wear them in almost everywhere they go. But they are not the only ones who find this footwear very useful. In fact, most Asian cultures recognize them as an everyday mode of clothing. Though in all honesty, their customs differ in each country.

One example of this are people from Japan and Korea practicing the act of taking off their shoes inside a home and replacing them with slippers. This allows them to prevent the spread of dirt and germs in the household, further preserving the cleanliness and sanctity of their home life.

In the Philippines, however, it can depend on family values as there are some instances wherein slippers are worn inside the house, or worn outside, which means some goes barefoot inside the house. While it may be similar to other Asian countries, the custom of leaving slippers outside of the house is being done to prevent dirt from entering the abode. Furthermore, this encourages good hygiene in one’s feet, as going shoeless decreases the chances of any foul odor kicking in.



Why Slippers are Great to Use

Why Slippers are Great to Use?

By now, you’ve probably gotten through with most of the things written about slippers. They have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of footwear, not just because of their multiple uses, but because of what they can bring to the table. If you are still in doubt as to why slippers are so great, then here are some more reasons to convince you:


  • They Keep Your Home Clean

Depending on how you use them, slippers promote a great sense of cleanliness in a home. As such, when you wear slippers in your home, you are doubly assured that your abode will be free of any dirty elements such as dust, mud, and others of the sort.


  • They Help Prevent Any Household Accidents 

While going barefoot can bring you benefits to certain degrees, wearing slippers can help prevent any household accidents. Since there are times where your floor can be littered with anything from toys (e.g. Lego pieces), injury is a constant risk; this is not including other dangers in your household, such as broken glass and water spills. Thankfully, you can easily avoid them by wearing slippers at all times.


  • They Make Great Fashionable Accessories

This is specially dedicated to women, who love slippers! This footwear is not only comfortable, but very fashionable as well. Plus, it is acceptable to wear them almost anywhere these days – from beaches to shopping malls to casual events. For sure, slippers can bring you convenience to any place you go.

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What are the products that Minal Footwear offers?

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How can you be a distributor of Minal Footwear?

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How can you know that you are purchasing a quality product?

Minal Footwear uses quality materials and ensures that these products pass the company’s standards. If you are curious as to what customers are saying about Minal products, you can the testimonials page.


Minal Charity 

Other than providing the country with quality footwear, Minal Footwear is also donating a portion of its earnings to a selected number of charities as a way of giving back to the community. One of the goals of Minal Footwear is to be a company known for its Integrity, which is why charity is one of the company’s duties. To learn more about the charity efforts of Minal, visit this page.

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