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How to Choose the Perfect Sandals for Women

It is with everyone’s common observation that sandals for women are more intricate with the details, colors, and of course, style. However, despite its various styles, designs, and themes of such footwear, women still find it hard to come up with a particular choice. Even more, some women would scan through every boutique that comes into view just to find the right fit of sandals for them.

In choosing your sandals, there are a variety of factors that you have to consider as you opt for a particular pair. This may include the material, the type of the sandals, or even the soles just to make sure that it’s comfortable enough for you to wear all day.

Regardless of what factor you usually focus on, stay tuned for the rest of the article’s content for further information. Not only will you learn about your own preferences, but also, you will know deeper about the particular classifications of sandals.

What Footwear Stores Tell Customers on Purchasing Sandals for Women

Whether you are buying one for yourself, a family, a relative, or a friend, the store personnel will always have a say when it comes to their products. In addition, a good store concerns itself about its customers, thus, recommending a thing or two to help them find their perfect pair.

What could they be? Here are a few things we’ve heard from them so far.



Put comfort over style

Put comfort over style

Most women, though not in general, think of the style first before comfort. It could be a single strap, a gladiator, or even a sexy strappy sandals. Of course, for women, it’s the first thing that should be thought of because of the variety of styles that are available in the market.

However, this should not be the case. Why?

In turn for good looking sandals, you might be sacrificing the welfare of your feet or your body – since it could not the right fit for you. Unless you would be wearing that particular sandal without moving around too much, that could be considerable. However, if you’d be using it at the park, a particular office event, or a family gathering – then, it is definitely not the perfect choice.

A good pair will not make your feet painful after getting used to it – a bad choice would. For example, a tight pair may cause blisters at the top of the feet or in between toes. A big pair, on the other hand, may cause the soles to suffer from skin irritation and blisters on the ankles. This is primarily because the feet’s struggling from staying in place due to the large space, thus, causing the muscles to tense. For this reason, it is safe to say that you must always opt for comfort over style.



Check the arch support

Check the arch support

When choosing a pair of sandals, it can’t be avoided that women may not think about the arch support at all. Who knows, right? However, both shoemakers and foot experts or podiatrists know what a poor footwear arch support may most likely cost a person’s health.

For starters, it is truly important to know what an arch support’s purpose is for your body. Basically, a proper arch support helps prevent cramps, back pain, and muscle fatigue from a day of walking. More so, sandals with a good arch support are often those that are specifically designed for an all-day walking, thus, capable of giving your feet the support it needs rather than a foot ache.

Furthermore, it is also important to choose a pair that has cushioned soles, or at least, spongy midsoles that may offer your feet the comfort it needs on a whole day of walking.

If you’ve ever experienced foot pain after a long day of walking in a pair of sandals, you might have made the wrong choice in your purchase.



Choose high quality for the materials


Choose high-quality for the materials

Often, buying a pair of cute strappy sandals for women without checking on the material used may be tempting. However, materials are an important factor when it comes to quality. Otherwise, you will get a few blisters from here and there and other skin irritations that are caused by the material itself.

In addition, it would also be wise to choose a durable pair if you really love walking on sandals. Aside from the fact that it is cheap, low-quality sandals may fall apart after a few uses. More so, it may be unfortunate if your sandals broke amidst an important event.

Another thing about a poorly made material is that it can absorb and hold water. This particular instance may lead to the breeding of fungus and other similar bacteria on your footwear and may ultimately cause you serious skin problems.

With these things in mind, it can be said that it really is important to also take note of the material of the sandals before purchasing a pair. A particular material you can opt for is leather, rubber, and fabric that is a good, durable, and a healthy choice for a woman’s sandals.



Consider both your foot and body shape

Consider both your foot and body shape

This is critically an important tip before purchasing a footwear – most especially when you are purchasing online. For one, you are unable to fit the actual item and the fact that not all styles can match anyone’s foot. So, how?

Similar to purchasing clothes, you have to choose the type of sandals that will complement your foot and body shape. For instance:

  • Gladiator sandals can complement almost all types of body shapes since the ties create a long, slim visual of the person’s look.
  • Strappy heels, however, can make wide or large feet look noticeably awkward. Given that it allows a full view of the feet due to the spaces incorporated into the footwear.
  • A pair of a single ankle strap, on the other hand, can make a woman’s legs look short and can highlight a heavy ankle.

Aside from these factors, it Is also important to keep your feet well-groomed in order for it to look better in sandals.



Identify your foot size

Identify your foot size

Above all else, make sure to properly identify the correct size your foot. As mentioned above, it is important to find the perfect fit for your foot to avoid blisters and other skin problems that you may experience due to the wrong size of footwear.

While this may seem easy if you are buying from the same store, this may be difficult when you go online. For this reason, having an ample amount of knowledge about the different foot sizes should be exercised. Here’s a sample chart of E-bay’s shoe sizes:


E-bay Shoe Size Chart

It is recommended that you get familiarized with the foot chart above, most especially when you are shopping online. However, it would be much more helpful if you will ask the seller about the accurate dimension of the shoe.


What are the Specific Types of Sandals for Women You Can Opt for?

Some sales lady may have mentioned a few things about sandal types as you approach the rack full of wonderful and amazing sandals. However, they will only tell you about their hottest and newest sandals – not every footwear they have.

To help you choose and be informed of the specific types of sandals for women that you can opt for, here’s a short list of the basic types of sandals that are available in the market.



Gladiator Sandals

1.  Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are the most popular pair of sandals available in stores. Plus, they are also among the best-sellers since they tend to ultimately flatter almost all body shapes of women.

This kind of sandals was inspired by the traditional footwear of the Romans. It consists of a number of straps that goes around your leg and makes it appear slimmer.

There are two kinds of gladiator sandals available in stores – the low and the high gladiator ones. Basically, the lower version of sandals can definitely go well with jeans and long skirts, thus, creating an edgy look. The higher version of gladiator sandals, on the other hand, can be paired with summer dresses and shorts – making your outfit look sexier.



Thong Sandals

2.  Thong Sandals

This type of ‘barely there’ sandals creates a super casual look. Notably, they are easy to wear with the simple alignment of straps around it. It’s also lightweight and sold in various patterns and colors. It is the perfect sandal when casually strolling around a park or at the beach.



Sling-back Sandals

3.  Sling-back Sandals

Sling-back sandals are those sandals for women that has a strap wrapping behind the heel of the foot. Basically, they come in two types: the heeled and the flats version. The heeled sling-back sandals make a great shoe for formal events, while the flat ones are particularly better off for casual occasions.



Slip-on Sandals

4.  Slip-on Sandals

This type of sandals is favorably an appropriate choice for casual and sporty occasions. These are usually open-toe and are backless which makes it easier for slipping them on and taking them off. They also come in a variety of materials and designs, allowing tons of choices for women.



Wedge Sandals

5.  Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals are those that have a sole higher beneath the heel and narrows as it goes towards the front. It’s relatively comfortable and is often the choice of those who are not comfortable with heels but would want to add some height to their look.



Platform Sandals

6.  Platform Sandals

Typically, you will notice a pair of thick-soled sandals in a rack of footwear. This is called platform shoes. It is particularly unique and is preferred by those who don’t want to settle with thin heeled shoes.

This pair of sandals may vary from the material it is made – either it’s made of rubber, wood, cook, or even plastic. It is also versatile when it comes to design given that it may come with multiple straps, embellishments, and other details that may complement anyone’s style.



Hiking Sandals

7.  Hiking Sandals

This type of sandals is specifically designed for those who loves to go hiking. It has straps surrounding the heel and has a buckle for adjustable fit. These often appear stiffer and rugged and supports the foot on an outdoor terrain.

Furthermore, this type of sandals also offers women the protection their feet needs during rough activities.


Why Minal Footwear Makes a Perfect Choice for a Pair of Sandals for Women


  • What is Minal Footwear?

Minal Footwear is an Indian manufacturing company which produces quality footwear. With the company’s success in their native India, the company aims to provide stylish and quality footwear to the Philippines.

Sandals and slippers from Minal are made out of polyurethane, which is a light and durable material. This ensures that the footwear is non-slip and will remain classy, fashionable, and trendy. Minal aims to provide its customers with the most stylish, affordable, and durable footwear that is worth your money.


  • What are the products that Minal offers?

Minal offers a wide selection of sandals and slippers from India with diverse styles and designs. The different styles available are under three distinct categories namely: Aeroblu, Aerowalk, and Inblu.

To look at the complete catalogue of products available, you can look into this page.


  • How can I know that I am purchasing a quality product?

Minal Footwear uses quality materials and ensures that these products pass the company’s standards. If you are curious as to what customers are saying about Minal products, you can visit the testimonials page here.

Look no further when it comes to durable, stylish, and comfortable sandals, Minal Footwear can offer the best pairs of sandals for women.