Frequently Asked Questions

All Minal Footwear products are manufactured in India and shipped all over the world.

Depending on where you were them, it may vary. The typical slippers can last up to 2-3 years.

Since Minal slippers are made of polyurethanes, a polymer made of organic units and are thermosetting, they are heat-resistant and can endure high levels of temperature during summer. They are also water-resistant as they are the same material used to make most boots andtrekking shoes.

No. One of the best qualities of our Polyurethane slippers is the anti-slip function.

Not really. Another attribute of our polyurethane slippers is the anti-fungus function that guarantees you of little-to-no presence of fungal infections if time permits you get exposed to some. Talk about all-around quality!

Our slippers are made from the best materials and crafted in undeniably fine-looking designs for your fashion and comfort. They’re not only beautiful, they are also sturdy; they do not absorb heat even when they are left under the sun nor do they absorb water.