Aerowalk International Pvt Ltd’s expertise in manufacturing and producing high-quality foot wears has greatly dominated India’s market. The demand for their product has greatly increased, which lead them into creating Minal Footwear Inc.

Minal Footwear Inc.’s main objective is to distribute the three brands that Aerowalk Intenational Pvt Ltd manufactures and vends namely Aeroblu, Aerowalk, and Inblu. This has helped Aerowalk Intenational Pvt Ltd momentously since it evenly dispersed and promoted the various foot wears they produce in India.

The prodigious success of our footwear lead us to branch out to other countries, including the Philippines. Presently, Minal Footwear Inc. has been warmly welcomed in the Philippine market, and we are starting to make a name in this country.

The Filipino community has showed their trust and support to our foot wears – from wholesalers, retailers, and end-users alike – we get communal merits.

On the other hand, we are still looking for interested shoe stores – whether it may be big or small shops – to continually promote and sell Minal Footwear Inc.’s products.

Interested in being a distributor of Minal Footwear Inc.?

Contact us at 0917 503 3997 or email us at info@minalfootwear.com.