Why You Should Wear Slippers While Everybody Doesn’t

There are a lot of reasons why you should wear slippers, even if everybody else doesn’t. In the first place, slippers are designed to bring comfort to every walk of life – be it a child, adult, or an elderly. Interestingly, it helps people maintain a healthy lifestyle, and efficiently promotes productivity. While some may question its importance, most people cannot deny its comfort factor, especially when worn at home.

Of course, there are more reasons as to why you should wear them. To further discuss them with you, here are some of the benefits you could gain by wearing slippers:


avoids chilly feet

Avoids risks of chilly feet

Having chilly feet increases the risk of getting viruses that could lead to cold, cough, and flu. When your feet are cold, the blood vessels in your nose tighten – which urges you to sneeze. Technically, this is a reflex reaction of the body, trying to keep you warm amidst the chills. As the skin turns white, both your throat and the inside of your nose also turn white, and then your blood flow towards your nose reduces.

Given this fact, when you walk bare feet at home, the risk of catching a cold is really high (especially during monsoon), which could lead to an interruption of your daily routine. In short, you should wear your slippers to avoid the risks of getting sick!



good for comfort

Good for comfort

Undeniably, this reason is pretty much obvious, still, slippers do bring comfort to people. For one, having set your foot on the cold floor could really be uncomfortable, especially during the rainy season. Moreover, wearing your slippers can make you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the day, regardless of the weather.



keeps you from harm

Keeps you safe from harm

Household accidents are sometimes unavoidable, especially when your tile or wooden floors are slippery. Essentially, not wearing your slippers (or just wearing your socks) can be truly dangerous for it can cause you to slip.

With slippers securely on your feet, the grip on your soles may help you avoid tripping or falling, particularly from the stairs. This could really put your mind at ease, whenever you are rushing to answer calls or running to attend to someone knocking on your door. For sure, your mother would be glad to hear that you are listening to her when she said, “safety first!”



keeps socks away from harm

Keeps your socks away from harm

Wearing slippers can also be beneficial for the pair of socks you out on your feet. It can keep them away from harm. By harm, this means the wearing out of your socks due to constant use. Imagine the torture your pair has been going through whenever you walk – or slide-walk rather – around at home. By wearing slippers, you can minimize the time you spend on your socks. Plus, you get to keep them forever!



promotes productivity

Promotes productivity

Studies show that wearing slippers in the office helps employees work better. It also encourages positivity in the workplace. This is in connection with the warmth they get from wearing fluffy, warm slippers. Furthermore, it helps them relax and think clearly while working.



keeps home clean

Keeps your home clean

It’s pretty normal that some people prefer walking at home in their shoes; but the thing is, that may be a bad idea. In the first place, the soles of your shoes could contain vomit, grime, dirt, feces (yikes), and millions of bacteria, which is much dirtier than a toilet seat. Hence, it’s important to leave your shoes off before you enter the house and wear slippers instead.



gets rid of fungal and bacterial infections

Help get rid of the risks of fungal and bacterial infections

If you aren’t aware, slippers play a big role in avoiding fungal and bacterial infections. There are communicable foot diseases that you may get especially in public areas where you walk barefooted, which includes toenail fungus and athlete’s foot infection. So the next time you visit a public pool, sauna, or any other public area that requires you to take your shoes off – wear slippers instead.



maintain good health

Helps in maintaining good health

For some people, who suffer from poor blood circulation or sensation (diabetics in general), it’s important that they wear slippers to protect their feet. Given the foot’s vulnerability to foreign bodies, precautions – such as wearing slippers – are indeed needed.


Did You Know?

In Japan, taking off your shoes and switching to slippers is a prominent custom when entering a Japanese house, a temple, a traditional restaurant, or even an art gallery. However, these slippers should be taken off when stepping into tatami rooms, as these particular rooms have floor coverings that are made of expensive woven rush, which can easily be damaged. Also, a separate pair of slippers is also being used whenever one goes into the toilet. The reason? To keep the house clean.


Key Takeaway

As you can see, there are several reasons why you really should wear slippers. They are not only meant to provide you comfort, but also protection from unwanted diseases you can contract in a dirty public area. Certain establishments and places also use them in order to keep the area clean, which is why you should bring a pair with you wherever you go!


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