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Right on the Heels: Types of Heels Every Woman Should Know

What are the types of heels?

  1. Stiletto
  2. Wedge
  3. Ankle strap
  4. Sling back
  5. Pumps
  6. Platform
  7. Cone
  8. Sandal
  9. Peep-toe
  10. Kitten
  11. Cork



Every woman would want a type of shoe that would fit perfectly her – as sandals for women is a lifetime prize of her hard work, and as some would say that a good shoe will bring you to great places. However, choosing the perfect shoe is definitely the hardest part – especially for non-shoe enthusiasts. There are sizes, color shades, shapes, and of course – heels! Yes, heels!

For some women who just love to wear Cinderella’s pair of shoes, the kind that would perfectly fit one’s feet, just walking around the mall isn’t enough. Hence, to help those struggling women out there, here are the types of heels that every woman should know!




HEEL #1: Stiletto

Being one of the highest of all heels, stilettos could go its way up to 8 inches and still is the most popular among women. While mastering a walk from wearing it might come off as difficult, the confidence and power it brings to a woman who wears it could really be worth it.

Tip: Only use it when you need to, especially in situations that you would not need to move around.




HEEL #2: Wedge

If there’s one type of heels that is recommendable to everyone, that is a wedge. Wedge heels have a comfortable feel on it, as there’s a steady mass that goes all the way from the heel to the sole which prevents you from wobbling. Basically, it is one of footwear that every woman should have in their wardrobe.



ankle strap

HEEL #3: Ankle Strap

Ankle strap heels are best for women who like wearing high heels but prefers less pressure on their feet. Basically, the strap that goes around the ankle gives one’s feet the support it needs to pull off walking on this pair of comfy and good looking shoes.



sling back

HEEL #4: Sling Back

Similar to ankle strap heels, sling back heels provide your much-needed support in wearing awesome high heels. Unlike ankle strap, this pair’s strap goes at the back of the heel. The good thing about this is that it looks edgy and offers your feet security – a perfect pair for a corporate event.




HEEL #5: Pumps

When one says heels, the most common type that goes with this word is pumps. Pumps are pretty simple – from the low cut that goes around the toes to the average height that one can go for which is about 2-3 inches tall. This pair is pretty much the most versatile shoe among others as the designs vary from simple to grand and can be worn for almost any occasion possible.




HEEL #6: Platform

If you are tired of tiptoeing, then you can opt for platform heels. The heels could be very high, however, the support that comes from the big chunk or the platform just below the sole gives your feet the comfort and relief that it needs. Basically, the addition of the platform elevates the sole from the ground, hence, a slight difference between the heels and the sole. Equality right on your heels!




HEEL #7: Cone

Do you want something stylish but doesn’t go overboard and could help you walk more comfortably? Then you can try on cone heels. The heel starts from your heel as thick and eventually thins towards the bottom. This type of heel gives off some amount of stability that you may need in walking in formal events or meeting up with some clients.




HEEL #8: Sandal

Most of the time, sandal heels may look like lace-up or slip-on sandals, However, with heels that may vary from stacked to stilettos. They would rather look chic and simple at the same time and works best when paired with casual or semi-formal clothes.




HEEL #9: Peep-toe

If you are on for flaunting your newly polished toes, then opt for a pair of peep-toe heels. The designs may vary from open-back to a regular-looking shoe. However, what sets them apart is the small hole left on the front – enough to reveal a few toes for the world to see!




HEEL #10: Kitten

Looking for the right heel that you can wear for a longer time? Kitten heels could be your best bet! They are designed to be small and comfortable for those who are having difficulty on wearing high heels, plus they could work for formal or casual occasions. Definitely, a pair of heels that maintains a good balance between comfort and style.




HEEL #11: Cork

Cork heels have been popular over the years – and it’s still being used until today. The reason why it’s called cork heels is that it is mainly made of cork. The soles are made to be softer in your every step, hence, lesser pressure on your feet. The heels’ design may vary from full-length to having a gap between the sole and the heel, hence, pairing may be made accordingly.


Key Takeaway

Given that there are different kinds of heels which come with different height and width of the material that they are made from, the struggle for a woman to find her perfect pair is tough. With this list, hopefully, you have determined which type works best for you – and ultimately, you will be able to walk right on the heels!


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