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Oops! Which Shoes to Wear During the Rainy Season?

Which shoes should one wear during the rainy season?

  1. Sandals
  2. Slip-proof kicks
  3. Rubber flats
  4. Boat shoes
  5. Quick-drying shoes
  6. Washable sneakers
  7. Flip flops
  8. Rain boots



The rainy season is just one thing – the mud, slippery terrain, puddles, and flood are another – hence, having a good flip flop or slippers on your bag is a must! The right footwear, of course, without disrupting your style may be difficult and sacrificing your best footwear is the least thing you would want to do. Not to mention that you also need to get to your destination safely.

So what to wear?





Figuratively, people will opt for a sandal because first it is an open footwear and second, it is light-weight. However, it is also important to note that there are a wide variety of sandals you can find in stores – which is which?

First, choose a sandal that is made of durable material, something that could withstand the flow of water as it may be unavoidable to walk on flooded streets or sidewalks. It must also be the type of sandal that has a firm grip so as you would not slip and land on the cold and wet ground. Second, there are sandals that have noticeable thick soles which could be of use when walking on puddles.

However, if you are working, then choose a decent sandal that may be acceptable enough to wear at the office. After so, filter your choices with the first two criteria.



slip-proof kicks

Slip-proof kicks

If you are going to an off-trail hiking, then be sure to wear shoes that won’t let you slip. Most likely, if going for an urban concrete jungle, lace-up slip-proof kicks are the best choice to keep you safe and make you rainy-season ready.



rubber flats

Rubber flats

Rubber flats, also called as jelly flats, makes a good alternative for heels during the rainy season, especially on heavy ones. Aside from the fact that they are durable and could withstand the puddles on sidewalks or the heavy gush of water rain, they are available in different designs making them look like those stylish shoes you wear at work. The best thing about them? They are also available for males. Definitely a must-have!



boat shoes

Boat shoes

If you want to wear a stylish footwear that could surpass the drizzling outside, then better opt for a pair of boat shoes. However, it is better to choose something that is made of breathable material – or better yet, is made to be water resistant because, as unfortunate as it may sound, this pair of shoes is not actually meant for heavy rain. Nevertheless, it still helps.



quick-drying shoes

Quick-drying shoes

Going about the rainy season may be stressful – especially with your footwear. More often, you would need to wear one pair at multiple times. Hence, if that’s the case, you would need to dry your shoes immediately which may be hard to do due to the rainy season. With that in mind, you can opt for quick-drying shoes that are easy to dry and would look best for your office attire. Definitely, you should look for something that is made of breathable material as this makes it possible for the shoe to dry pretty quickly.



washable sneakers

Washable sneakers

Soaking your shoes in rain puddles, or even flood, may be inevitable during the wet season. Hence, in order to not let your favorite shoes dive into dirt and water, get yourself ready with a pair of washable sneakers. You can look for this specific pair of shoes at any department stores so you would not worry about your favorite pair anymore. In addition, you wouldn’t need to fret about the inner sole as its made to be removable for washing and is flexible enough to stash inside your bag. Hooray!




Flip flops

Generally, flip flops are your go-to kind of footwear for almost all seasons though they are much more of use during the summer and wet season. Basically, they are made of rubber or PVC material which is ideal for rains for the many characteristics that they have such as the following:

  • washable
  • easy-to-maintain
  • easily dries
  • durable

Another pick for stylish office workers are flip flops – as they come in a variety of designs, colors, and of course, are affordable and accessible. Additionally, it is available for men and women.



rain boots

Rain boots

Who would forget a pair of rain boots? Of course, these are specifically made for the rainy season. If you are worried that it might ruin your style – well you don’t have to worry anymore since a few brands are made to be wearable at the office. With various patterns and colors to choose from, you would definitely not think that they are rain boots.



Key Takeaway

The rainy season may be the hardest time to get your style slaying – but with this list of shoes, you will definitely have a lot to choose from. Additionally, it is important to note that your goal on choosing from these shoes is to get something that would keep you safe and get you through from point A to point B.


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