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Healthy Tips Shoe Enthusiasts Must Know

Wearing footwear like shoes, boots, and flip-flop slippers all have the intention of not only keeping your feet stylish, but also make you feel more comfortable. Wearing footwear means keeping it protected and healthy – preventing any injuries and ailments that may happen. With this in mind, foot health is essential and there are a variety of remedies and tips that will surely help you in this area. Here are some handy tips that you should know in order to maintain your feet healthy.



Use band aids

Use Band-aids

One of the most common and popular ways of protecting your feet is by putting band-aids on certain parts of your feet. This will definitely help your feet prevent from having painful blisters, most especially when you are wearing heels and flats. Make sure that you place the band-aid on the parts where your feet rub into your shoe the most. By doing this simple method, you are assured that your feet will be comfortable the whole day.


Buy insoles

Buy insoles

Excruciating sole pains are certainly one of the most annoying feeling you can experience – most especially during a busy day of walking. Aside from it being a big inconvenience, it can be frustrating to endure the pain that you feel in your muscles and bones for hours.

A good remedy for this would be to get some insoles. These are pads that can be put under your feet to add more comfort and stability while running or walking. They come in various sizes and you also get ones for your toes and heels!



Use deo

Use deodorant

Aside from using deodorant to prevent body odor, it can also be used to make your shoes more comfortable. Simply apply some deodorant on the rough parts of your shoes like the heel so that it could be smoothened out. Additionally, this is also another effective way to prevent blisters on your feet. You can use both roll-on and stick deodorant for this method.





One effective way to smoothen the insides of your shoe is through the use of some talcum powder. Apply some powder inside your shoe to experience less friction while wearing it. This would prevent your skin from getting irritated while wearing shoes – keeping it comfortable.




Tape your toes

Wearing heels may cause you to feel uncomfortable and experience some pain, especially in the toe area. Since your toes are constantly moving, this can cause some pain. A great way to keep them from moving is by taping your toes together. Tape your third and fourth toes together, and you would quickly feel the difference in comfort while wearing your heels.



Ice and freezer

Ice and freezer technique

This is one of the most unorthodox methods on this list. This is a method that would help expand your shoes and make them more comfortable. Yes, you have read that right! All you need is a plastic filled with ice. Then, put this in your shoes. After doing this, place your shoes with the ice inside your freezer overnight. Once you take them out, you will notice a significant change in size and comfort.



Blow dryer and socks

Blow dryer and socks

Another way to expand the size of your shoes is by using a blow dryer and socks. This method is best used on new shoes as a way of breaking them in. All you have to do is to blow dry a pair of socks for around two minutes and wear those socks along with your shoes. After wearing them, walk around for a few minutes. This would help your shoes adjust to the size of your feet, making sure that it is as comfortable as possible.


Key Takeaway

Keeping your feet healthy means making sure that they do not experience pain and to prevent them from having injuries and ailments. With these effective tips, you are guaranteed that your feet will be comfortable for the rest of the day!


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