guide to outdoor footwear for women

Guide to Outdoor Footwear for Women

What is the best outdoor footwear for women?

1.  For mountain hiking – If you are going out for a hike, you will need some hiking shoes and boots to protect your feet from harmful elements.

2.  The Beach – Going to the beach means wearing some nice flip flops and sandals.

3.  Outdoor Sports – There are many sports shoes available for specific sports that will definitely help keep your feet mobile and comfortable.


Sometimes, all you need after a stressful week at work is to go out of town and go on an adventure outdoors. When going out in the vast outdoors, it is important to remember that you have to keep your feet safe and comfortable all throughout. Going outdoors will allow you to wear different styles for different kinds of environments – from hiking shoes to simple flip flop slippers. Here is a quick guide to outdoor footwear that can help you decide what to wear when going out of town.



Hiking Shoes

Mountain Hiking

If you are going out on a hike on a mountain to catch a beautiful glimpse from atop, it is best to wear some strong and sturdy hiking shoes. Hiking shoes or boots are great footwear to use during this time for they give your feet the best comfort and protection from the harsh terrain and steep slopes that are present in mountains. You can also protect your feet from insect bites as well, which can cause infection and allergies.

For simple and casual hiking, you can wear light trail running and hiking shoes. For higher and more rigorous climbs, you can opt to wear hiking boots and mountaineering shoes which will ultimately provide you some nice grip on the ground that you are walking on.



Beach Slippers

The Beach

If you want to go out on the beach to get some sun, sand, and clear water, it is best to wear flip flop slippers and sandals to keep your feet comfortable. There are various styles of slippers and sandals that are available in the market today which can definitely match your nice summer outfits seamlessly. You can also protect your feet from the sand and rocks that can cause discomfort while going around the beach. In addition, be sure to apply sunblock on your feet and the rest of your body to prevent getting those stingy sunburns.



Sport Shoes

Outdoor Sports

If you are the sporty type, there are many different kinds of athletic shoes that you can wear so that your feet are comfortable and you can move around properly.

If you are planning to go jogging or running, there are a number of running shoes available. For cycling, you can also look for cycling shoes that will greatly support your feet while pedaling long distances. For golf and football, there are also sport-specific shoes that will help give your feet a grip on the grass. Tennis and volleyball also have their own shoes to make sure that your feet are mobile and flexible enough to get you moving. With so many kinds of sports shoes available, you are bound to find the pair that would keep you comfortable all throughout.


Key Takeaway

Going outdoors opens up so many adventures that you would enjoy and make some wonderful memories. It is also important to keep in mind that you need to keep your feet comfortable and healthy during these times, as you are bound to be going around long distances that require some good endurance and resilience. With this guide, you are sure to find the right pairs of shoes to bring with you in the outdoors.


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