8 Smart Tips for Your Next Beach Vacation

What are the tips you need to consider on your next beach vacation?

1.  Always bring a pop-up tent.

2.  Don’t forget to stock some shopping bags

3.  Be an early bird – ALWAYS!

4.  Spot where the lifeguard station is.

5.  Bring and apply your good-old-trusty sunscreen.

6.  Keep your keys at bay in case of emergency.

7.  Always make room for a dust broom.

8.  Choose the right and comfortable slippers!



Looking for ways to avoid ruining your next beach vacation? Truly, preparing for your beach trip is not at all easy, especially if you are going with the family. Hence, it is only important to set up a seamless plan – from purchasing a foldable tent for relaxation to choosing the right slippers, especially for women – who love to keep in style. As a result, this would ultimately make your next beach vacation the best, yet!

With that said, here are the 8 smart tips to help you in preparing your next beach vacation.


Bring a Pop-up Tent


1.  Bring a Pop-up Tent

If you have kids to spend with your next beach vacation, it is best to bring a pop-up tent. This way, it will be easier to make them get a short nap while keeping them away from the elements at the beachside. Additionally, it is a good place to recharge when everyone is already tired from swimming at the beach. In choosing pop-up tents, foldable tents that can be stored in a zip-up carrying case is the best choice you’ve got so it is easy to bring and to set up anytime.


Stock Some Shopping Bags


2.  Stock Some Shopping Bags

You never know what could happen during the trip or at the beach, hence, it is ideal to bring shopping bags in case anything happens. Storing them in the pocket of your beach bag can give you a better access when you need them.


Always be an early bird

3.  Always Be an Early Bird

Similar to riding a bus, going to the beach also has its own rush hour. Thus, if you want to enjoy the empty beach, avoid the scorching heat of the sun, and most especially, get a perfect spot at the area – always be an early bird. In addition, researching about the beach you are going to and the peak hours where there are a larger number of people around will help in achieving a better and comfortable beach vacation.


Spot a Lifeguard

4.  Spot a Lifeguard

Of course, for everyone’s safety, it is best to spot the lifeguards’ area – most especially for kids. By being knowledgeable about these things, you are ensured that you know which area you will go in case they get lost and the other way around. This also makes it safer for everyone in case anything unexpected happens at the beach.


Apply Sunscreen

5.  Apply Sunscreen

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, application of sunscreens should be done 30 minutes before exposing the skin to the sun, with the recommended amount of one ounce, and then apply it every two hours to better protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. With this said, make sure that you bring your sunscreen and apply it before you bask under the majestic rays of the sun.


Keep Your Keys at Bay

6.  Keep Your Keys at Bay

Bringing keys to the beach isn’t safe – but giving them a safe yet accessible place in your beach bag is a good idea in case you need your keys in emergency situations. With this said, you can tie a string around a key ring, attach it to your bag’s handle, and allow it to hang inside the bag so they are much easier to access without exposing all your items just to find it.


Make Room for a Dust Broom

7.  Make Room for a Dust Broom

Sand beach is your car’s worst enemy, hence, it is best to keep a soft-bristled dust broom to get rid of all the sand that may come aboard as you leave for home. Additionally, this can prevent everyone from being cranky with the untidy surroundings.


Choose the Right Slippers

8.  Choose the Right Slippers (especially for women!)

When going to the beach, it is better to prepare the right slippers to bring, most especially for women, who would want to maintain a beach-appropriate look. Ideally, the best choice for this is flip flops as they are the most comfortable footwear one could bring for walks on shore or off shore. Additionally, they keep the balance between style and comfort – plus it is easier to bring them in and out of your beach bag!


Key Takeaway

Given the above tips, make preparation a practice when going on trips to make sure that you do not stress over things on the spot. This will not only help you to prepare your things efficiently and completely, hence, will also allow everyone to enjoy and savor the moment without any worries!


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