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7 Tips for Healthy Looking “Feeters”

How to maintain healthy looking feet

  1. Avoid wearing shoes that don’t fit.
  2. Avoid sharing your footwear.
  3. Do not wear shoes too often.
  4. Moisturize your feet regularly.
  5. Do not coat your damaged toenails with polish.
  6. Always clean your feet.
  7. Do not go barefoot in public areas.



Keeping your “feeters”, or feet as you know it, healthy and fungi-free may require a bit of effort like wearing step-in slippers and cleaning it regularly. Though some may find this as difficult, it is one way to prevent your feet from acquiring unnecessary bacteria that may lead to a foot disease.

Having that said, what are the particular practices that you can use to maintain healthy looking feet? Here are seven tips to help you with!



Avoid shoes that dont fit

Avoid Wearing Shoes That Don’t Fit

This goes in specifics with women, especially those who are working. Most often, some are required to wear heels given that they are working in a corporate environment. If you are one of them, remember not to underestimate the comfort that a pair of shoes can give you and the effect of a pair that does not really fit, most probably the one that is too small for you. The wrong pair may cause your feet painful blisters and calluses – which you do not want your feet to suffer. Thus, it is important to consider buying comfort over design, or if possible – consider them both for your new pair.



Avoid sharing footwear

Avoid Sharing Your Footwear

You may not be the type of person who’s not really conscious over sharing your things, even your footwear. However, there might be a big problem about it. As per Elizabeth Kurtz, DPM, a well-known podiatrist in Chicago, “Wearing other people’s shoes can cause one to get fungal infections, more so with socks that are already worn by other people.” Thing is, while it is safe to say that you can wear your family member’s footwear or socks, this may be different when it comes to rentals especially on bowling centers. Point given, your feet’s health first.



Dont wear shoes too often

Do Not Wear Shoes Too Often

It is not a good idea to wear shoes often, especially even when you are at home. Let your feet breathe by wearing slippers or by not wearing at all (while making sure that you are stepping on a clean flooring). Why? This may cause the dirt and sweat to build up on your shoes and then to the soles of your feet. Yes, your feet perspire even if you are already wearing cotton socks. Therefore, to avoid acquiring a fungal infection or an athlete’s foot, let your feet get some good fresh air.



Moisturize feet

Moisturize Your Feet – Yes, Both

Caring for your feet is not about applying treatment whenever it gets unhealthy, rather, by preventing these things from happening to your good-looking feet. You may try working with some effective foot creams or natural oils to maintain a soft feel on it. However, before buying one, make sure that you invest on the right treatment. For your feet, you need a type of cream that is a bit thicker given that your feet are thick as well. Preferably the one that is rich in Vitamin E and coconut oil to achieve that smooth feel on them.

However, if you already have some serious issues on your feet, specifically if it is suffering from dry skin, you can work on an overnight moisturizing treatment. Using cocoa butter, massage your feet and then wear a pair of cotton socks. This will make your feet feel softer the next morning.



Nail polish

Do Not Coat Your Damaged Toenails with Polish

While most love to do this much often given that it hides the cracked toenails on their feet, you should definitely avoid doing this practice. Coating your damaged toenails with polish will only lead to further damage – discolored, cracked, crumbling, and thick. More so, this could be a warning that your feet are suffering from nail fungus. Need more reasons to convince you?



Always clean your feet

Always Clean Your Feet

Yes, you may have been doing some cleaning on your feet, but it may not be enough. Maintaining proper hygiene is the best way to keep your feet healthy. Thus, always practice cleaning and scrubbing your feet with soap and water especially whenever you bathe. However, it doesn’t end to that. Once you are done with cleaning it, make sure that you dry it well. Avoid leaving dampness on your feet as this may only serve as the breeding ground of fungal organisms, thereby leading to foot disease.



Barefoot in public areas

Do Not Go Barefoot in Public Areas

Protecting your feet from fungal infection and keeping them healthy does not only concern applying creams and cleaning it regularly. It also includes avoiding going barefoot in public areas, especially at the gym and at public pools. You never know what kind of dirt builds up on these grounds, hence, protect your feet by wearing slippers.


Key Takeaway

With these seven tips, you will definitely achieve a healthy, good-looking feet in no time! Not only do they help you avoid foot disease, but they also make your feet feel smooth and soft! Got more tips to add? Feel free to include them in the comment box!


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