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4 Iconic Book or Movie Halloween Costume Step-in Slipper Inspirations

What iconic book or movie Halloween costume step-in slipper inspirations are best for a Halloween costume?

1.  Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy Gale

2.  Cinderella

3.  Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad

4.  Wonder Woman


November is the season for top Philippine Halloween costumes, and of course – who wouldn’t want to flaunt different iconic step-in slippers during this time? Whether you loved Cinderella’s glass shoes or Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, there’s always a room to display these iconic books and movie Halloween costume step-in slipper inspirations in your Halloween look!



Dorothy Gale

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Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy Gale

If you’re a fan of Wizard of Oz, then you are probably aiming for the Dorothy Gale Halloween costume. Her ruby red step-in slippers were already a part of history and many were still confused on whether it’s actually colored red or blue… or silver. So if you are opting for her look, perhaps you need to read a little bit more about the shoes.

On May 9, 1938, The Wizard of Oz script pictured Dorothy Gale’s shoes as silver, and it was the original script. However, as the film rose to fame in a multi-colored trademark, and for the fact that it was estimated to spend so much time on the yellow brick road setup, the crew decided to just tweak the color and officially describe it as red ruby step-in slippers in the revised script on May 14, 1938. It was actually credited to Noel Langley, the then-screenwriter for Wizard of Oz, as the success of the said film was partial because of the renowned shoes.

Now that you chose to dress up as Dorothy Gale, you can now wear the sparkling, red ruby step-in slippers that people actually are hunting all over the world. Plus, did you know that there are 10-5 official pairs of the said shoes – experts can’t decide which is which though.



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Cinderella has had an iconic history that has been told over and over again, from decades ago. There were different versions of the said step-in slippers; Perrault’s, Grimm’s, and Walt Disney’s. However, it fell to the question as to whether the shoes were actually made of glass or fur.

To dress up as Cinderella, you might want to peek into the story’s versions from decades ago. In Perrault’s Cendrillon, it has been said that the confusion about the material of the step-in slippers was a product of mistranslation. It has been assumed by many that “pantoufle de verre” was supposed to be “pantoufle de vair”, where vair is meant to be fur. However, it was countered as well that the glass slippers shouldn’t really be questioned for mistranslation given that vair is a medieval word that Perrault used during his time.

Then, there was also that of Brothers Grimm and Walt Disney’s glass slippers. The famous glass slippers that Cinderella left at the Prince’s palace which people loved very much. Though physicists actually countered the legitimacy of the glass slippers given that the slippers aren’t really wearable by a human. So, you can’t really wear it on Halloween. However, you can always choose to wear a plastic replica of it! That is as long as it is shiny and sparkling.



Harley Quinn

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Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad

Who wouldn’t want the famous psychotic, bat-wielding villain who goes by the name, Harley Quinn’s, look? Every girl actually wants to dress like her upon the release of the Suicide Squad film, that’s given Google’s data of costume searches for the year 2016. It’s just the classic, villain-ish look – but reimagined.

Moving forward with Harley Quinn, let’s talk about her shoes which are among the top Halloween costumes in the Philippines and all over the world. It was actually the kind of heeled boots that you’d want to flaunt on a night out with friends – but then, perhaps it’s better off at a Halloween party. There was this black, white, and red color combination with the laces that simply makes the boots look edgy and fun at the same time. However, the thing is that it is not simple as it looks. It has intricate details that make it a killer high-top heels.

While you may not be able to purchase the same iconic shoes in the market, as it’s already out of stock for a long while, you can always choose to make a DIY Harley Quinn heeled boots. You can search them up on Google if you want!



Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was already iconic as it is. Now that the Halloween has come, it’s your time to flaunt the Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot version with your friends. This pair of wedge gladiator heels is among the top-of-the-line shoes that you can ever wear in your lifetime. It’s a pair that completes the whole ensemble along with the traditional accessories used to complete the goddess hero’s look.

Moreover, Wonder Woman’s everywhere so you definitely wouldn’t have to worry about the purchase at any time.


Key Takeaway

Have you decided yet? Indeed, these step-in slippers and shoes inspirations from four iconic book and film protagonists/antagonists are a must-have during the Halloween season. Not only would you be able to flaunt an iconic character on your Halloween party, but also, you’d be able to wear the character’s ensemble yourself! An instant trick or treat for yourself.


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