About Minal Footwear

Minal Footwear Inc. is a successful footwear manufacturing company in India that distributes polyurethane-made slippers in the Philippines. Minal offers products at reasonable prices, and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Our slippers are made from non-slip, light and durable polyurethane that’s also chic, sophisticated and fashionable.

In order to achieve true success, the team needs to have instilled values; principles that the group lives and breathes as we work together in pushing the company forward. Here is the description of MINAL:


One of the foundations of our business is showing kindness (Mabait) and generosity to the country we serve. It is our principle to continuously donate a part of our profits to various charities in the country where we operate so that we are able to help in more ways apart from providing quality footwear.


“Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people” – Ephesians 6:7


Our cause is very noble to us and therefore we are always looking for Nobility in our team and for Noble Partners.


Attitude is everything. We do our best to keep a Positive attitude so that we continue to attract the best team and partners.


“Love your work and you will never have to work another day”. When you love your work, you will look forward to it everyday and work no longer becomes work, it becomes fun.